Much of the plastic waste collected from consumers is not recyclable. This non-recyclable waste is exported abroad (Germany) to be used mainly as fuel for cement kilns. Together with Hellebrekers, we are building a processing plant where these plastics will be broken down to their raw form and made into a raw material for new plastics.

The new plant will be built in Heerenveen and will be fully equipped to process plastic waste into oil, which can be used as a raw material for the production of new plastics. The technique by which this is done is called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the high-temperature heating of materials in the absence of oxygen. Blue Cycle has devised a new pyrolysis technique to take on a plastic waste stream that used to belong to non-recyclable plastics. The goal is to produce 12 million liters of oil per year.

The whole process consists of a number of steps. Starting at the beginning. The plastic collected from household waste enters the plant. It is then sorted and pre-processed. This is done by separating inert materials (sand, glass and metal) from the plastics. What remains is heated by pyrolysis, so that these plastics are broken down to their raw form (oil) and a new raw material is created. From this oil, to replace petroleum, new plastics can be produced. And that completes the cycle and the process can begin again. In short, a circular model.

Hellebrekers regulates the central control of this plant. Our SCADA system will be linked to all installations. Hellebrekers is proud to participate in the circular economy of this Blue Cycle initiative. It is a development that fits exactly into the current trend of reducing plastic waste.


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