About us

Blue Cycle has created a way to enhance plastic waste recycling to contribute to a more sustainable future


- Reduce the environmental impact of the plastic industry

Blue Cycle was founded with a vision to change the relationship with plastic. We are exhausting the planet by using its natural resources for plastic production. Besides, its waste ends up on landfills, is burned or is leaked into the environment. Blue Cycle visualizes a planet where all the produced plastic waste is collected and being recycled. This means that new plastics could be produced without using new natural resources and therefore removing additional CO2 emissions in the plastic industry.



- Increase the value of plastic waste trough enhanced recycling

Blue Cycle is working hard to develop a plant that will make optimal use of the collected plastic waste streams. There has been an emerging focus on collecting plastics for recycling as this can contribute significantly to reduce global CO2 emissions. However, some types of plastic are not suitable for recycling (such as plastic packaging waste). Blue Cycle includes these difficult-to-recycle and low-tier plastics into the pyrolysis process. At first, the generated oil can be used as a sustainable fuel, like Diesel. However, our ideal mission is to improve our technology and generate high-quality oil that is suitable as a resource for new plastics, creating a circular model.


The beginning of
closing the cycle

Blue Cycle consists of a team with extensive experience and knowledge of the renewable industry with a proven track record of developing and operating facilities. In 2019, Blue Cycle started with the development of a pilot (Type 1) in Heerenveen with a capacity of recycling about 20.000 tons of plastic per year/ 50 tons per day. This factory has been carefully designed to be standardized and will soon be operating according to production expectations. This standardisation allows the plants to be easily implemented in other locations and is able to generate consistent results.


50 tons

Type 1 is operational with a capacity of 50 tons per day/ 20.000 tons per year

14,7 liters

The output of Type 1 is 14,7 million liter pyroil per year

30 kton

With type 1 the CO2 reduction is 30 kton per year

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